The Top 4 Traits of a Courier/Driver

Many logistic firms believe that pricing or technology are the most important

aspects to a client. While both of those items are important, the greatest impact to service is the courier in the field. Couriers are often a representative of the client brand and undoubtable spend more time with a client than anyone else including sales staff. Some couriers will see the same client multiple times per day, and that is a unique opportunity to increase customer satisfaction.

At Lux Medical Logistics, only 5% of applicants make the grade to become couriers. We have industry leading standards and evaluation processes. Below you will find the top 5 traits we look for.

1. Integrity/Honesty

A courier in the field is an island, connected to others only in the digital sense. While good technology offers an array of support, true decision making lies only with the courier. The integrity of a courier is the utmost quality that leads to consistent successful service and customer satisfaction. In the medical logistics field, having integrity can save lives.

2. Consistency

The life of a courier is defined by repetition. Ideally the same courier should service the same stop daily. This means that consistency on the part of the courier is vital to performance. Many orders require multiple steps for successful completion (more on that later), and every order requires the same amount of effort. Therefore, a courier must be consistent in action.

3. Attention to Detail

As stated above, many orders require multiple points of verification or process steps. In the medical arena, most orders have both internal tracking protocols and client specific documentation (e.g. specimen log). Any one of these items is a potential failure point. Repetitive functions are notoriously difficult to maintain and a very active attention to detail is one of the best ways to combat complacency.

4. Continuous Improvement

Complacency is the biggest killer of success. A truly exceptional courier will continue to hone skills and learn new ways of approaching success. In addition to new processes, new regulations are also commonplace in the logistics industry. Semi annual reviews of pertinent agency updates will keep a courier complaint and protect the client from risks. This continuous improvement must be supported by the courier’s company and is a team effort.

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